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Digital HeadQuarters is a law enforcement management tool which allows police departments to manage their roll call, policies, training, officer safety and more!

What is Digital HeadQuarters?

Roll call, policy management, contact management, training management, calendaring, resource management, project management, compliance and more!

DHQ is not a CAD or RMS system, instead its everything in between. Reduces paperwork, increases departmental communication and provides an essential tool in sharing officer safety information.

Understand what DHQ can do for
 Community Policing
 Officer Safety

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"It would be hard to imagine our Department without DHQ."

Chief Kenneth Coye, Malden Police Department

"After several months of using the program, I honestly do not know how we operated without it."

Chief Richard E. Smith, Wakefield Police Department

Digital Roll Call

  • Instant sharing to your entire department
  • Attach images, video, audio
  • Attach crime bulletins, reports and more
  • Accessible from mobiles
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Policy Management

  • Easily publish policies and orders to your officers
  • Officers and their supervisors can receive email notifications on new policies
  • Click to read, click to sign off, and your officer is done
  • Clearly view who has and has not signed off on a policy
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Mobile Access

  • Light weight application allows for fast browsing over air cards
  • Access policies, roll call, BOLOs, everything!
  • Access over state networks
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What is DHQ?

Easy. Effective. Efficient. Law Enforcement Information Sharing so your officers can do their job!

Digital Roll Call

No more black and white photocopies, share high quality images and video at roll call!

Policy Management

Post policies, and know who has and has not signed off!

Mobile Access

Access everything from your mobiles!


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